Welcome to Art 7/8 at Crossroads Middle School!

Welcome to Ms. Wilson's virtual art room. Use the links on the right to follow along with class. 
The nine week term is divided into three units. Each unit focuses on specific art media experiences which address distinct learning targets as established by the National Art Education Association.
Students and parents can follow daily lessons and access lesson resources such as demonstration videos and project assessment rubrics from the links within each lesson.

Quiet Reflection # 1
Choose one or more of the Foundational Questions below. Reflect (think a little bit) then respond in words, pictures or both:
  • What is creativity?
  • Why do humans create?
  • How can you use elements such as line, color, and shape to create art?
  • What is art?
  • Why do humans make art?
Let's take a little pre-test, 'cause I bet you already know a lot about art! If I know what you know that will help me help you learn and apply cool new ideas and techniques in your creative endeavors!